Our Friend the Computer

Videotexto/'Reabracadabra' (Bonus!)

May 10, 2022 Our Friend the Computer Season 1 Episode 8
Our Friend the Computer
Videotexto/'Reabracadabra' (Bonus!)
Show Notes

In this bonus episode Camila and Ana look at the Brazilian Videotex network Videotexto through the lens of the artwork of Eduardo Kac. Camila also recounts her visit to the opening of Eduardo's current exhibition in NYC 'From Minitel to NFT’ at Henrique Faria Gallery and the girls discuss: Eduardo Kac, hot or not? (spoiler alert: very hot)

They specifically discuss the work 'Reabracadabra' (1985) which you can watch online via Rhizome: https://anthology.rhizome.org/reabracadabra

'From Minitel to NFT’
Henrique Faria Gallery
Through Jun 18

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Main research for the episode was done by Camila. Ana audio edited.
Music by Nelson Guay (SoundCloud: fluxlinkages)

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- https://rhizome.org/editorial/2016/nov/03/when-net-art-outlives-the-net-eduardo-kacs-poetry-for-videotexto/
- https://rhizome.org/editorial/2016/dec/05/tropical-minitel/
- https://artsandculture.google.com/exhibit/the-making-of-rhizome-s-net-art-anthology-eduardo-kac-s-reabracadabra-rhizome/CwKSpxLUkktNKA?hl=en
- https://www.ekac.org/VDTminitel.html
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